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Toys That Make It Fun to Learn and to Read 

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your child leads a successful educational career is to begin teaching reading skills as early as possible. To have an even bigger impact, it is important to...Read more


How to Find a Toy That is Safe for Your Child 

Whether you are shopping for your child, or choosing a gift for someone else’s kid, knowing which toy will be appropriate and safe can be a very daunting task. There are dozens of different types of toys, and thousands of varieties within those categories. You want to make a selection that is going to be both fun and...Read more


How Toys and Games Affect Child Development 

One of the drawbacks of technological advances is that more and more children are being given video games or being sat in front of the television. Even if the children are watching educational programming, they are not really interacting or being active during this process. If you want to foster strong child development, the best plan of action is...Read more


Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling 

Many parents go years without a vacation because they are worried about the hassles of traveling with young children. Kids tend to have massive amounts of energy and asking them to ride for hours in a car or plane can be asking too much. However, the entire family can hit the road comfortably and enjoyably...Read more


Video Games Versus Traditional Toys 

Over the past decade, video games have seen a surge in popularity and improved technology. As a result, there are now video games targeted at very young children, and not just teenagers. This has caused more and more young kids to want their parents to purchase them video games instead of traditional toys, such as puzzles, action figures, dolls, outdoor toys, and other conventional classics. The question is, how much should parents...Read more


Children learn through play – Choose the right toys for your tots 

A child’s mind is a powerful sponge, soaking up data constantly. Because they start as a blank slate, it is important that what you teach your child is effective, correct and easy to understand. Studies show that children learn best when...Read more

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